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The Flaming Ice Cube is a vegan cafe located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, across the street from Public Square. They offer standard cafe fare, including soups, salads, sandwiches and entrees, as well as coffee, smoothies and juices.
The waitstaff was very helpful and willing to answer our many questions. The cafe was well lit and had ample seating room. They also had a shelf with vegan cookbooks for sale, as well as various vegan products (sauces, nut butters, etc.)

I ordered the Mmmushroom Burger, which came with one of the sides of the day. The sides for the day were cous cous, black bean and corn salsa, and a pineapple raisin salad. My first choice was the cous cous, but they were out, so I went with the black bean and corn salsa. The salsa was like pico de gallo, it included black beans, corn, tomatoes, green bell peppers, a little lime juice and some spices. The vegetables were very fresh and it was nice to have a healthy side instead of a pile of fries (which I love) or a bag of chips.
The Mmmushroom burger proved to be an excellent choice. The patty was thick and juicy. It was topped with sauteed mushrooms, Daiya Mozzarella cheese, mayo and sauteed onions. The mushrooms were cooked perfectly, they weren’t slimy and they added just the right amount of flavor to the burger.
If you ever find yourself near Cleveland, OH be sure to stop by and try one of the delicious handcrafted burgers or one of the many other items on their menu. Next time I’m in the area I think I’ll try out the Hula Burger, which is topped with grilled pineapples, peppers, onions, mayo, lettuce and cheddar – yum!

Mmmushroom Burger


When I walk into a new place sometimes I like to ask what the house favorite is. The girl behind the counter after some degree of thought responded that the Pizza Burger was very popular so I ordered that. After sitting down in the car with our respective sandwiches I took a bite of each. In all honesty I was a bit disappointed I didn’t get the Mmmushroom burger. The mushrooms, onions, and Daiya had a lot more¬†pizazz¬†than the burger I got. The Pizza Burger was supposed to have marinara, Daiya mozzarella, and pepperoni. Unfortunately there was very little in the way of marinara and the pepperoni overpowered everything. Unlike the Mmmushroom Burger, the Pizza Burger tasted like generic store bought faux meat & cheese items just thrown together. I was definitely jealous of Lisa’s selection. You win some – you lose some. Like Lisa, I was a fan of the corn salsa on the side.

Pizza Burger

The unique highlight of the visit was the Peanut Butter Crunch Bar which was a peanut butter rice crispy treat with a layer of chocolate on top. Simple but effective. Delicious!

Peanut Butter Crunch Bar

Flaming Ice Cube
140 Public Square
Cleveland, OH 44114


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